Living Fire

In the midst of chaos and ruin, Scarlet Livingston, future queen of the Faevion, meets her would-be assassin – but the notorious James Luken could never kill a woman. The fact that the brotherhood sent him to do that very thing infuriates him. Instead, he finds in Scarlet the hope of purity and goodness, and the same faith he learned as a child. When she turns to him, James must choose to either help lead her people to safety or complete his mission.

Escaping Safety

Christina has grown up literally ‘sheltered’ in a sanctuary run by mysterious Officials who offer safety in exchange for captivity. She’s already suspicious of the Officials when she meets Tyler Andrus, commander of the T-Squad: a group of rebels on a quest to destroy the sanctuaries and bring light back into the world. Having yearned for freedom all her life, she joins them in a journey of hope, terror, and self-discovery.

Surviving Darkness

After destroying the United Sanctuary, the LIGHT squads are torn apart by personal struggles. While still recuperating from a serious injury, Tyler is named general, and Wolf takes his place as commander of the T-Squad. Christina wrestles with ghosts from her past, and Lexi fights to overcome bitterness to be worthy for battle. And as they strategize to terminate the Official’s prison, they realize that far more than a sanctuary hangs in the balance.