Bonnie finished writing her last novel almost a year ago, but is still not quite ready to release it! What's missing? The title and a complete edit. Stay tuned for updates. This will be the second book in the Legends of Elldamorae.


August 11th, 2018

Drew Gillies proposed to Bonnie in a hot air balloon basket with lots of loving family members cheering them on. She said Yes!!! This is partly why her latest book has been on the back burner. 

bondrew balloon kiss.jpg


End of the Summer News

Bonnie is contemplating taking time off from classes to prepare for a wedding and spend more time writing. This could be a good thing!


Bonnie Joins the Go Solar Group

Even though Bonnie loved her job, and the awesome customers, at Good Earth Natural Foods, she was given the opportunity to expand her skills (and her comfort zone) as the Sales Team Coordinator for the Go Solar Group in Salt Lake City.