• Bonnie Gwyn

We Are Creators

I believe we are all born with a natural desire to create. That’s why so many of us become writers, musicians, and other types of artists - even if those passions don’t become our careers. Deep down, we know that creating something new helps us grow, gives reality to our dreams, and enables us to leave a legacy that is so much more than money or power. Creating gives us a legacy that transfers straight from our hearts to the hearts of all who partake of our work.

Engraving by Halo Acres

I think it’s fascinating that children are so in tune with their need to create. When I was just six years old, I created my first character and story with the help of my sister. She illustrated the short story for me, helped me make it into a small book, and I delighted in our handiwork. You can see an image of the characters from that story above. I recently had them engraved so I would have a permanent reminder that my heart’s desire is to create. I’ve always known that.

When I was little and played with my friends, we devoted almost all of our time to games of make-believe and imagination. Not surprisingly, my childhood best friend and I are now both writers. We haven’t forgotten the stories of our childhoods or the happiness we felt discovering them. We know we are better people for being brave enough to create.

So today, I challenge you to embrace your inner creator. You can do that in many ways, such as:

  • Writing about the characters who are calling to you.

  • Illustrating an image from your dreams.

  • Adding words to that new tune that’s been in your head for weeks.

  • Creating the meal you’ve been longing to try.

  • Taking a photo of something beautiful.

  • Telling your child a new story from your heart.

It doesn’t have to be a long or complicated process, either. It can be as simple as one new paragraph added to a story or a few new lines drawn on a work in progress. The act of creating, even the smallest, will bring joy to your life and help you remember what you love about being human. At least, that’s what it does for me.

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